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Scent of a Women

Last night two of my best guy friends had a joint birthday party at their house out in Bed-Stuy and after what was probably a touch too much champagne (there was beer pong set up but in true debutante form I refused to play with beer, so champagne it was!) I crashed on their couch. It was a great time... always is... but it left me "up a creek without a paddle" as my friends down south would say when it came to a showering situation. Although I was able to give myself what my mother calls a "Chi O Bath", hearkening back to her days at the Chi O house at Ole Miss when she didn't have enough bathroom time for full shower so she would give herself a bird bath in the sink and be on her way, it still was not my proudest debutante moment. To try and make up for it, my scent today is a potentially overwhelming combination of Chanel No. 5 and dry shampoo. The Chanel No. 5 is very important here, because it's the Chanel No. 5 that makes you feel like the picture on the left, when what you actually look like is the picture on the right. Only brunette in my case, and probably eating a Chipotle Burrito Bowl to cure my itty bitty hangover.

I would like to thank Nicole Kidman, and Charlize Theron in "Monster" for their help in this demonstration.

With Grace and Good Humor,

My name is Mary Lane Haskell and my two "claims to fame" are that I have Dolly Parton's fax number and that Reese Witherspoon once liked a post on my Instagram.  I am an actor, a writer, and a profound Chipotle enthusiast making my way in Los Angeles while trying to stay true to my family's southern roots, all with grace and a touch a good humor.  I'm so glad you're here!


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