April 12, 2014

It's on weekends like this one that I wish I had never stepped foot in Southern California, let alone been born and raised there.  This weekend marks the annual return of Coachella.  Coachella is a music festival very much along the lines of what Woodstock used to be,...

April 8, 2014

Greetings from Magnolia Hill, y'all!

That’s correct, friends.  After 3 months of braving hipsters and a polar vortex, this Displaced Debutante is finally back in her natural habitat.  I flew down a week ago to prepare for a concert gig with my mother at the beautiful Fo...

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My name is Mary Lane Haskell and my two "claims to fame" are that I have Dolly Parton's fax number and that Reese Witherspoon once liked a post on my Instagram.  I am an actor, a writer, and a profound Chipotle enthusiast making my way in Los Angeles while trying to stay true to my family's southern roots, all with grace and a touch a good humor.  I'm so glad you're here!