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Los Angeles born.  New York City grown.  Mississippi bred.

My whole life I haven't really fit in anywhere.  Being raised in a Southern home that was much more Mississippi than Southern California, I always had a different sensibility than your typical Valley Girl... a more Southern sensibility. This sensibility followed me to New York, where everyone I met over the course of my 8 years there came to the consensus that I might have been born in LA or go to school in New York but that I was from The South.  That neither my 818 area code nor my Manhattan address ​were enough to counter balance my quintessentially southern upbringing.  But then in The South I was labeled the "city girl".  My distaste for humidity and my lack of an SEC alma mater screamed "outsider".  It didn't matter that I could make a mean casserole or ride four wheelers with the best of them, I still didn't quite belong.  I was somehow displaced no matter where I went.

I started this blog in 2014 as a means of exploring this displacement.  I've always felt like I had to choose between the southern debutante I was raised to be and the modern woman I've always felt compelled to become, but I've come to learn that I can choose instead to embrace the fact that I am neither your typical Valley Girl nor your typical Southern Belle.  I embrace the fact that while my ideals may be old fashioned, I still get caught making unladylike choices now and again.  And most of all, I embrace the Grace and Good Humor that these dichotomies bring to my everyday life, and that is what I hope to share with all of you.  

I'm Mary Lane, and I'm The Displaced Debutante.
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